A comprehensive Environmental Impact Report will be prepared by the City of Burbank and several public hearings will be conducted throughout the review process.

  • The City of Burbank will carefully review plans for the project, including a zone change from automotive dealership to residential, and will provide many opportunities for public participation and discussion.
  • The City issues a Notice of Preparation for the Draft Environmental Impact Report, and interested parties may submit comments on specific areas of study for the report.
  • Once completed, the Draft Environmental Impact Report is circulated for public review and comment.
  • The City conducts several public hearings on the project to allow interested parties to participate in the review process.
  • The environmental study, public review, and City Council consideration may take approximately 18 months to complete.


  • Environmental Impact Report
  • Development Agreement
  • Specific Plan Amendment
  • Vesting Tentative Tract Map
  • Development Review
  • Zone Change to Planned Development