Creating a new livable community in the heart of Burbank.

Transforming empty space into a vibrant place.

Residences, Hotel, Transit Adjacent, Neighborhood Amenities, Environmentally Friendly.

LaTerra SELECT BURBANK is an 8-acre site located on Front Street, between Burbank Boulevard and Magnolia Boulevard, and between Interstate 5 and the Metrolink. It is currently undeveloped property with excellent access to public transit, Downtown Burbank shopping and entertainment venues, and the Burbank Media District employment centers. Residents and visitors will have walking, bicycling, and public transit options, as well as recreational opportunities on the property. The project will be designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, one of the highest levels of green building design and construction.

LaTerra SELECT BURBANK Design Features

Environmental Design & LEED Gold Construction

Creating a healthier, more efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly development through green building design and construction measures for future residents and hotel visitors.

  • Integrating solar power
  • Incorporating water and energy efficient features
  • Providing bike sharing facilities and electric car charging stations
  • Landscaping with drought tolerant plants and trees
  • Creating new opportunities for walking, bicycling, and accessing a Metro bus or train

Walking Distance to Burbank Metrolink Station

Located immediately adjacent to public transit – approximately 750 feet or a 5-minute walk to the nearby Metrolink Station.

New Pedestrian Connections to Downtown

Adding pedestrian linkages via stairs and an elevator at Magnolia Boulevard and via a gallery link at Burbank Boulevard, connecting to Downtown Burbank and the Metrolink Station.

Landscaped Public Plaza & Open Space

Creating a landscaped, public plaza with elevator and staircase access to the Magnolia pedestrian bridge.

Encouraging pedestrian activity with landscaped pathways throughout the 8-acre site.

Enhanced City Bike Routes

Improving bicycle lane circulation on Front Street and Burbank Boulevard, to better connect bike paths and routes within the city.