Frequently Asked Questions

The eight-acre vacant site will be transformed into 572 residential units, and a hotel with approximately 300 rooms, both with associated common areas and amenities. LaTerra SELECT BURBANK has excellent access to public transit, Downtown Burbank shopping and entertainment venues, and the Burbank Media District employment centers. Residents and visitors will have walking, bicycling, and public transit options, as well as recreational opportunities on the property.

LaTerra SELECT BURBANK will have three buildings: two are residential and one is a hotel.

The 572 residential units will be located in one seven-story and one eight-story building with residential common areas, a rooftop terrace, pools, a business center, retail space, bike storage, concierge and access to the Plaza Link to Downtown Burbank and Metrolink Station.

The hotel building, located at the southeastern end of the property, will include amenities such as a pool, a fitness center, a restaurant and meeting rooms.

An extensive traffic study is being prepared to analyze traffic and recommend improvements. Keep in mind that it is less than a few minutes' walk to the Metrolink Station from the project site. We believe that many of LaTerra SELECT BURBANK residents, visitors, and employees will use local public transportation to travel. Additionally, the project will implement a Traffic Demand Management (TDM) plan to promote the use of alternative transportation such as public transit, ride and bicycle sharing, and walking to reduce automobile trips.

The project will achieve LEED Gold certification, one of the highest levels of green building design and construction. It will incorporate resource-efficient features to reduce energy and water consumption such as bike sharing facilities, electric car charging stations, solar panels, energy efficient lighting, windows, and equipment, and drought-tolerant landscaping.

There will be on-site bicycle storage for residents, visitors and employees: 57 residential and 16 hotel bicycle parking spaces.

The project will transform an undeveloped site in the City and invest in a new hotel and high quality, market-rate rental housing. It will create approximately 1670 jobs during construction and 555 jobs during operations, and represent a $300+ million investment in the City of Burbank. In addition, it is projected to contribute approximately $1.4 million in annual hotel tax revenues, $931,000 annually in other local tax revenues, $2.7 million in annual property tax revenues, $4.5 million in city development fees, and $2.75 million in school fees.

Yes. An Environmental Impact Report will be prepared and available for public review.

The site is currently zoned for automotive dealership uses. Changes are needed to permit the proposed mixed-use project.

  • Development Agreement
  • Specific Plan Amendment
  • Vesting Tentative Tract Map
  • Development Review
  • Zone Change to Planned Development

Yes. In 2013, the City adopted the Burbank2035 General Plan. Burbank2035 is a state‐required policy document that provides guidance to City decision‐makers on allocating resources and determining the future physical form and character of development. It is the City’s official statement about the extent and types of development needed to achieve the community’s physical, economic, and environmental goals. The Land Use Element serves as a guide for future development while maintaining the balance the community desires. Many of the land use policies found in the Land Use Element key is on mixed use, transit-oriented development that takes advantage of transit centers and employment centers at density and intensity levels where it makes sense and is appropriate such as in the Downtown Commercial area.

The City’s General Plan identifies 777 N. Front Street, the location of LaTerra SELECT BURBANK, as “Downtown Commercial” which allows for hotel use at a floor area ratio (FAR) of 2.5 and residential density at 87 units/acre. However, the FAR of the project hotel is only approximately .55 to 1 , and the residential density is only 80 units/acre. The General Plan identifies the Downtown Commercial area as the civic, shopping, dining, and entertainment center of the city and also as a major employment center. The area has direct and convenient access to public transit and easy pedestrian walkability and access. The General Plan states that it is appropriate for this area in the General Plan to have a higher allowable intensity of development because the Downtown Community area has good transit access and is well buffered from the single family neighborhoods and therefore the higher intensity of development will have a lesser impact.