Frequently Asked Questions

The eight-acre vacant site will be transformed into 542 residential units, and a hotel with 317 rooms, both with associated common areas and amenities. LaTerra Select Burbank has excellent access to public transit, to Downtown Burbank shopping and entertainment venues, to Media District employment centers, and to neighborhood amenities and resources. Residents and visitors will have walking, bicycling, and public transit options, as well as recreation opportunities on the property.

LaTerra Select Burbank will have three buildings: two are residential and one is the hotel.

The 542 residential units will be located in one seven-story and one eight-story building with residential common areas; rooftop terrace, pool, business center, retail space for a cafe, bike storage, concierge and access to the Plaza Link Park and Metrolink. The residential building heights will be 80 - 83 feet.

The hotel building, located at the southeastern end of the property, is planned to be 95,000 square feet and 15-stories, which is approximately 204 feet in height. It will also include amenities such as pool, fitness center, restaurants and meeting rooms.

An extensive traffic study is being prepared to analyze traffic and recommend improvements. Keep in mind that it is less than a few minute walk to the Metrolink station from the project site. We believe that many of LaTerra Select Burbank residents, visitors, and employees will use local public transportation to travel. Additionally, the project will implement a Traffic Demand Management (TDM) plan to promote the use of alternative transportation such as public transit, ride and bicycle sharing, and walking to reduce automobile trips.

The Plaza Link Park will be approximately 27,000 square feet and consists of four zones:

The western portion of the park will be open space with a large synthetic lawn area and terrace seating. In the center of the park, a hardscape shaded courtyard will provide access stairs to the Magnolia Boulevard pedestrian bridge. To the east, a fitness area and children’s playground will be provided for public use. The fourth zone runs parallel to the 5 freeway. This area will form a sound buffer with the use of landscaped earth mounds placed along a cluster of tall evergreen trees to create a rich tapestry of visual textures and colors and a green backdrop for the property.

There will be on-site bicycle storage for residents, visitors and employees: 57 residential bicycle parking spaces and 28 spaces for the hotel.

Yes. An Environmental Impact Report will be prepared, and will be available for public review.

The site is currently zoned for Industrial development. Changes are needed to permit the proposed mixed use project.

  • Development Agreement
  • Specific Plan Amendment
  • Tract Map
  • Development Review
  • Zone Change for a Planned Development